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    Get started with a .co.uk or .uk country-specific domain name and build or expand your website for the UK market. By doing business online you can reach new international markets that would otherwise be out of reach.

Establishing a UK presence

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Host Asean Ltd was established at the start of 2015 and is a registered business in England & Wales. We have our base of operations in Southeast Asia where we provide website hosting and other related online services to our local customers. Our company also offers services to UK based entities currently doing business in ASEAN, and helps those planning to expand or establish a new business presence in the region.

We are run by a small core team utilising online systems and automation to serve our customer base. Our customers are based all over ASEAN, with most in Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, and Lao PDR. Through our local network peers, we are able to provide super fast regional connectivity to our ASEAN based servers, while also maintaining reliable international speeds.


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Outsource Skilled Work to ASEAN

  • Website Design
  • Logo & Branding
  • Corporate Identity
  • Web Development
  • PHP/MySQL/JavaScript
  • Social Media
  • On-Page SEO
  • Web App Development




We believe in a global connected population and economy through the internet and plan to bring web hosting services to every country in ASEAN to provide a link to the rest of the world. Our combination of British and Asian experience allows us to offer our customers unparalelled hosting connectivity in otherwise underdeveloped markets.


To establish ourselves as the go to provider of web hosting services in ASEAN region. Allowing businesses to more easily access and grow in markets otherwise unavailable to them without an online presence. Through enabling international companies to easily establish a virtual presence in ASEAN, and enabling ASEAN based businesses to easily get online and trade globally with markets around the world.



For many ASEAN countries, there are few web hosting companies that offer true regionally based services to their customers. By providing locally based services with fast access times we provide huge benefits to our users in ASEAN. We power businesses and encourage them to grow by utilising apps and systems previously unavailable to them on limited local internet connections.

Enabling E-Commerce in ASEAN

While the UK and Europe experienced its e-commerce boom ten or fifteen years ago, the concept is still very new to many countries. We navigate local hurdles, such as the lack of online payment systems, and help businesses set up and manage their online ventures. As the markets mature, we expect to adopt more locally based systems in each country to better serve our ASEAN customers.


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Outsource from the UK to ASEAN

Our Cambodia based team offers graphic design and web development services

From our operations base in Phnom Penh, we can provide a number of outsourced technical and creative business support services for your company in the UK. We specialise in website design and web application development for small to medium businesses, both new and established. Our team is headed by native British nationals so you will have no communication issues, we handle that side of things. Through our hand-picked team of professionals we ensure only the highest quality work is provided to our customers.

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